Keep your pace
be in the zone

Pacemaker Bot helps you handle pull requests effectively. Don't miss a thing so you can keep your flow, be more productive, and level up your team.

I don't like spam either. Trust me.

Keep your pace

Pacemaker Bot schedules code review sessions each day, helping you form a healthy habit of regularly checking PRs. Set up your own sustainable pace, and never sprint through reviews again.

Stay in the zone

Pacemaker Bot knows distractions can kick you out of the zone, so it makes sure code review notifications are delivered only when you want it to happen. Focus on work and keep your flow for longer, and let it do the rest.

Level up your team

Pacemaker Bot recognizes you're part of a Team and a pull request is them asking for your feedback. With its help, address important reviews first to deliver answers to your Teammates reliably and regularly.

Focus on the essentials

Pacemaker Bot delivers pull requests first from repositories you decide are important, and based on the conversations you are having in code reviews. This way you prioritise the work, making sure everything is handled and nothing lost.

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